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- Is your home heated by electricity?
- Do you have an old non - condensing boiler?
- Do you have a back boiler or even you use oil to heat?
- Do you receive income related benefits?
- Is your household income less than £31,000 per year?
- Are you vulnerable due to living in a cold home

(This includes if a member of the household has a cardiovascular condition, respiratory condition, in particular chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or childhood asthma, mental health condition, a disability, is 65 or older, is under the age of 5 or is pregnant).

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Eco 4 EPC


The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has been in place since 2013 and is responsible for the installation of around 3.5 million insulation and heating measures in 2.4 million homes. ECO is an established scheme having undergone multiple iterations, with ECO4 the latest scheme, delivering £4billion from 2022 to 2026. To respond to the unprecedented increase in energy prices, this sets out the proposal for a three-year additional scheme, ECO+, which would run alongside and complement ECO4 delivery.

Under our proposals, ECO+ will support the installation of additional energy efficiency measures in around 410,000 homes. It will target support at a wider group of households living in the least efficient homes in the lower Council Tax bands, who are not supported through other schemes, as well as low-income and vulnerable households. ECO+ will support these households to cut annual bills by an average of £310 per home (based on energy prices consistent with the Energy Price Guarantee from April 2023). Without intervention, many households will struggle to pay their bills not just this winter but over the next few years.

Previous ECO schemes have been successful in delivering large volumes of measures at pace. ECO is therefore one of the most effective ways to rapidly reach the greatest number of households. To enable swift implementation of ECO+, we intend to keep the scheme design as closely aligned to ECO4 as possible (with the key exception of multiple measure delivery requirements). ECO+ will provide an opportunity to accelerate our ambition to reduce energy bills and fuel poverty, and increase energy security, while also contributing to our high ambition net zero targets.

Eco4 Grants

Unleash Green Opportunities!

Once you've completed your survey form, you will be eligible to explore the range of Eco4 grants available. Our grants cover a wide range of eco - friendly projects, including:

ECO4 Scheme
The ECO4 scheme is one of many mechanisms the Government has established in helping households to achieve their goal of going 100% carbon neutral. The ECO4 scheme provides grants to fund energy-efficient upgrades to homes reducing emissions, electricity and energy bills. These grants pay for new heating systems like boilers, loft or cavity wall installation and other measures designed primarily to increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty and energy costs.
If you are not receiving any benefits you may still qualify under the LA Flex funding scheme. LA Flex is an acronym for ‘Local Authority Eligibility Flexibility’. This programme is designed to help homeowners who are not currently receiving any type of aid but are still grappling with a tight budget. Companies that are approved by this scheme can provide you with huge discounted rates if the insulation within your home needs to be upgraded.
Keep the warmth in and the cold out! Insulating your home is still a powerful method of saving both energy and money in the UK – always has been, always will be. At Eco4EPC we always use accredited and reliable insulation and heating technicians who will provide you with a top class, professional service.

Cavity Wall Insulation,
Loft Insulation,
Solid Wall Insulation,
Cavity Wall Extraction

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Electric Storage Heaters
Free, replacement electric storage heaters are available via ECO 4 scheme introduced by the UK Government in the spring of 2022 and will run until the year 2026. The scheme worth £4 Billion, delivers energy efficiency and heating measures to homes in Great Britain

First-time central heating (FTCH)
Heating your home accounts for more than half of your total energy use (around 55%), so your boiler installation shouldn’t be a half-hearted decision!

Air Source Heat Pump
You’re probably using electricity to heat your home if you live in an area that doesn’t have a gas connection, and this is normally in the form of an electric storage heater.
Energy Performance
Energy Performance Certificates are popularly known as EPC.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is based upon an energy assessment on your property.

We provide a breakdown report of your property’s energy performance. The report highlights how much it will cost to heat and power a particular property. It includes recommendations and improvement measures. Please ask us for more details on EPC’s.
With solar panels installed on your property, you gain access to a reliable and independent source of energy. Whether it's a sunny day or a cloudy one, your solar system will continue to produce electricity, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your home or business. Say goodbye to power outages and hello to energy stability and peace of mind.


Check your eligibility for ECO 4 funding and what measures are available to you online by completing our application form. Our team will contact you to guide you through the process.
A FREE - No obligation home survey carried out by a Trustmark accredited Surveyor, will be booked at a time convenient for you. Once complete they will confirm what energy saving measures are available to you
You will be given a date for your work to begin. Our engineers will handle the rest. Once the work is complete you will receive your insurance back guarantees and save £££’s on your bills.
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Free Energy Surveys

Curious about how energy-efficient your property is? Take advantage of our Free Energy Surveys! Our team of certified energy experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property to identify areas where you can make significant energy-saving improvements. During the survey, we'll inspect your property's insulation, heating systems, lighting, and much more.

Our experts will provide you with a detailed report outlining potential energy-saving opportunities tailored to your unique needs. The surveyor is a qualified DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor) Retrofit Assessor who is Trustmark accredited and will be able to answer any of your questions on the day.


What Our Customers Say

With our assistance, you can apply for the grants that align with your eco-friendly goals and project requirements.

I ’ m so grateful to Eco4EPC, myself and my husband are on a low income due to me being retired, both in our late 60 ’s. We have lived at our property for 35 years and always had Economy 7 storage heaters. We now have a central heating system with an air source heat pump, solar panels and a newly insulated loft and wall. It is a very different house to live in, and so comfortable, warm and so much cheaper! We would never have dreamed that we would get all of this for free with the ECO 4 grant. A mazing, thank you so much!!!
Joyce and William G
Tim is professional, hardworking and always helpful. He conducted the energy survey in a discreet, professional manner, helped me with the application and guided me through the process at all stages. I qualified for wall insulation and loft insulation grants. The insulations were installed promptly and cost me nothing. Tim was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I can’t recommend him highly enough!
Thank you Eco4 EPC for a great service! The surveyor was supportive throughout the whole application process and helped me to access the financial assistance I needed. Not only am I contributing to a greener environment, I'm also saving money.
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Take advantage of our FREE energy survey and uncover the potential for energy - saving opportunities within your property. Embrace sustainability with Eco4 grants, and let us guide you towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future for generations to come. Get started today!

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Are you a homeowner or a landlord looking to make eco- friendly upgrades to your property? Look no further! Eco4 grants are your one - stop destination for accessing green grants and complimentary energy surveys. Let us help you take the first step towards a sustainable future. Landlords, if your tenant qualifies for funding, this is for you too!

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Eco4 is a leading provider of grants and financial assistance designed to promote energy efficiency and sustainability. Our mission is to support individuals and landlords in their transition towards eco - friendly solutions, reducing carbon emissions, and embracing renewable energy sources.

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